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About Us

SLAVICA Online Store is run by Slavic Treasures Ltd, a  New Zealand distribution company based in Hamilton, with branches in Wellington and Christchurch. 

Slavic Treasures is importing and distributing a range of Sultana and Bran biscuits as well as crackers from Ukraine under the SLAVICA BAKERY brand. Our headliner is the Sultana Biscuits range. These biscuits are quite different from other biscuits on the market today, they are crunchy, made in traditional cracker style. Many customers are saying that their Mums were buying this type of biscuits for them when they were kids. Our most loyal customers are older adults who enjoy dunking Sultana Biscuits with their cup of tea or coffee for more than 8 years.

We are also exclusive importers and distributors of OBOLON Beer (Ukraine), OBOLON is the largest Ukrainian manufacture of beer and soft drinks. The corporation includes 9 factories with a total number of employees of 7000. The main OBOLON plant in Kiev is one of the biggest breweries in Europe. The word OBOLON came from the ancient Slavic language, it means low riverside meadows


And last but not least we are agents of KAYES Bakery (Invercargill) for North Island. Kaye’s is one the most established and recognizable brands of traditional NZ-made biscuits. Kaye’s Bakery was set up more than 30 years in Invercargill (Southland, NZ) by Evan and Lois Penniall. They say: ‘We base all our recipes on what you yourself would make in your own kitchen, we just make them on a much larger scale because we have huge big ovens to make heaps of your favourite biscuits, for you, your family and friends to share’.




Welcome to SLAVICA Online Store

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